My PhD focuses on the impact of investment risk on power system investments, its consequences for societal climate goals, and its implications for public policy. I explore these topics by developing stochastic optimization and equilibrium operations research models.

My main project explores how power system decarbonization is impacted by investor risk aversion and the incompleteness of risk markets. Following on this work, I am investigating the implications of the missing market problem for climate policy.

In another work, I and co-authors investigated how policy can accelerate investment in EV charging stations by accounting for the risks faced by private-sector investors using real options modeling.

To better understand the importance of future power system investments, in another publication I also reveiewed the range of electrification pathways consistent with 2C and 1.5C climate targets. This work found that pathways consistently show substantial electrification, but 2C pathways disagree on the magnitude. Using fleet turnover modeling, we showed that the median pathway requires an acceleration of electric vehicle sales and of the retirement of internal combustion engine vehicles.